Kinsey Consequences: It’s Rotten Research-ers. Part 3.

A Few Sample Case Studies

The following briefly are a spectrum of contemporary federal reports and/or findings that use fraudulent and criminal Kinseyan data and disciples as authorities for the nation’s legal and public policy decisions. Chapters 8 and 9 document the effects of these frauds in more detail.

1. 1969 U.S. INSTITUTE OF MENTAL HEALTH (NIMH) “TASK FORCE ON HOMOSEXUALITY” Kinsey’s co-author and Institute Director, Dr. Paul Gebhard as well as Dr. John Money (a contributor to The Journal Of Paedophilia) typified the “fourteen experts” on human sexuality whose formal report cited Kinsey’s data as authority to urge nationwide legalization of homosexuality[1]

2. 1969 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION (DOE) and the U.S. PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE (PHS) Almost all DoE and PHS reports post 1969 which address human sexuality cite to Kinsey and/or his disciples as their key authorities

3. 1974 U.S. CONGRESS CREATES “STATUS OFFENDER” LEGISLATION. This well intentioned legislation made it illegal to place minors in protective custody unless they were committing “adult” crimes, hence opening the floodgates to child prostitution and child pornography. The view of children as wholly autonomous and as not requiring some kind of protective intervention by the state reflects a dramatic shift from the evolution to traditional American views of child care to the Kinseyan view of the child as unharmed by broad freedom and license.

4. 1977-1985 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (DO J) “THE NATIONAL SURVEY OF CRIME SEVERITY” (SET PRECEDENT FOR FEDERAL SENTENCING GUIDELINES, CIRCA 1990’s): In his academic scholarship, Principal Investigator, Marvin Wolfgang, former member of the President’s Commission on Pornography and Obscenity (1970) cites Kinsey and his colleagues for sexual authority, the Commissioners having been trained at the Kinsey Institute during a “sexuality” site visit. The Kinsey model is reflected above in the NSCS sentencing guidelines. By excluding child rape or other forms of serious child abuse as crimes, the authors mischievously directed judges and juries nationwide into dismissals of child sex crimes, and into leniency and paroles for violent crimes against children, inevitably also trivializing violent sex crimes against women and legitimizing sundry other Kinseyan pansexual standards.

5. 1986 NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, (NRC) NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES on ‘TEENAGE SEX.’ When he was Secretary of Education, William Bennett pointed out that the report of the NRC (apparently chartered by Congress, hence an authoritative arm of the federal government) called for condoms in schools despite the data that disproved this as a solution to early sexual activity. A review of this NRC report finds Kinsey’s pansexual philosophy and disciples extensively cited as authority.

6. 1989 NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL, (NRC) NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES: “AIDS; SEXUAL BEHAVIOR AND INTRAVENOUS DRUG USE.” Kinsey’s former chief researcher, John Gagnon is part of the research team. The report fully cites to Kinsey and his disciples as sexual authority, suggesting that while Kinsey did outstanding work, these data are not too useable since they were derived largely from white, college males. This false claim about the nature of the fraud serves many purposes, among which, a) it intimates that the deviancy data are understated rather than overstated, hence b) it allows continued, even fuller use of the data. Were the NRC to admit that the data reflect prisoners, sex offenders, homosexual males, boy prostitutes, thieves, hold-up men and feeble-minded subjects, Kinsey’s data would be used to define abnormal males, by definition. After claiming it’s flaws, the authors deify and continue to cite Kinsey as authority, finding homosexuality and other nontraditional sex to be normal

7. 1989 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, JUVENILE JUSTICE (Do J) “REPORT TO THE NATION ON CRIME AND JUSTICE.” This DoJ report on crime purges the 1986 Attorney General’s Commission report on Pornography that found massive crimes of child abuse and child pornography. Hence, the crime report “to the nation” does not list child pornography as a crime. Moreover, the AG’s Pornography Commission testimony from the former director of SIECUS and Planned Parenthood, as well as Kinsey colleagues C.A. Tripp, John Money and others would have significantly impacted the Commission’s findings.

8. 1989 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, JUVENILE JUSTICE AND DELINQUENCY PREVENTION (OJJDP) “THE SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF MISSING CHILDREN.” Three months prior to the following HHS Youth Suicide Report, among other unsubstantiated Kinseyan claims, the OJJDP researchers said the “data” found religious and parental “harassment” of biologically homosexual children to be responsible for child runaways, prostitutes and suicides. Finkehor et. al., have long cited Kinsey and his disciples as scientific authority and this OJJDP report reflects the author’s continued reliance on the Kinsey “model” of homosexuality, prostitution, pornography and the like.

9. 1989 ADAMHA: ALCOHOL AND DRUG ABUSE, MENTAL HEALTH ADMINISTRATION IN ADAMHA NEWS “The Most Forgotten Teens” builds on the Kinseyan authority, blaming children’s emotional problems ‘not on the many causal factors which often lead youths into homosexual conduct, but on social hostility to homosexuality. The article ignores the extant data on adult or older juvenile sex abuse, etc., as precipitating many harmful responses, including homosexual acting-out.

10. 1989 U.S. HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (HHS)” THE SECRETARY’S TASK FORCE ON YOUTH SUICIDE.” This report cites Dr Kinsey and his disciples as sexual authorities to disregard any environmental factors triggering homosexual conduct, claiming a biological imperative and blaming parents, churches and traditional American values as causing the suicides of “gay youth”

11. 1991 U.S. DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE (DOD) “HOMOSEXUALITY AND PERSONNEL SECURITY.” The author, Theodore Sarbin cites as his human sexuality authorities, Kinsey and his disciples, including Dr John Money and Verne Bullough, self-identified pedophile editor of The Journal of Paedophilia Hence, Sarbin disengenuously concludes that “no empirical data have been developed to support any connection between homosexuality and security” (p 31)

The above eleven are a few of similar reports that sway or direct current laws and public policies on human sexuality. Now, just briefly let’s look at several other recent research gems on children: First, the cyberporn data on parental assault, next the alleged “decline” in child sex abuse and the harmlessness of pornography for children and finally a “well being” report that says children are safer today than in the days of Ozzie and Harriet.



[1] Karlan, Arno, interview in Sexuality and Homosexuality (1971). NYC: W.W. Norton & CO., Inc., p. 612

6Dr. Judith Reisman is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights, and Media Forensics.

The opinions published here are those of the writer and are not necessarily endorsed by the Institute. This article was originally published on WorldNetDaily on March 11, 2011. You can buy Dr. Reisman’s book Sexual Sabotage on her website.

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