Classroom Prostitution for Fun and Profit?

On March 4, Laurie Higgens, the dauntless director of Illinois Family Institute wrote, “The burnished legacy of Alfred Kinsey and his cultural progeny, the sexual revolutionaries of the ’60s, burns bright at Northwestern University.”

In “Gettin’ Freaky at Northwestern University,” Higgens was reporting on Northwestern University’s professor Michael Bailey, who has a rather gloomy history of luring vulnerable youth into college-credit peeping!

Bordello Bailey and his work were lauded in the 2006 volume of “The Best American Science Writing.” A major sexual-orientation researcher, Bailey is lionized by academe and the controlled media (he is sure homosexuality is largely inherited).

Bailey inspires students to advance the Kinsey sexuality canon.

On point, March 7, Joseph Bernstein proclaimed Bailey’s class “the best” he ever took (identifying the key problem of higher education).

Joe says, “J. Michael Bailey is the person at the center of the controversy currently burning on the western shore of Lake Michigan, fed by gusts of air from every prurient corner of the Internet and every red-faced moralist who can sit through the Fox News or MSNBC or CNN makeup chair long enough to release his outrage.”

As does this “red-faced moralist” object to Northwestern indoctrinating naive youths like Joe to praise prostitution, a direct form of sex trafficking. Before discussing Northwestern’s “voluntary” curriculum, note three definitions:

Prostitution is the act or practice of engaging in sex acts for hire.” A pimp is “one who arranges such sex acts for hire.” A voyeur is “one who enjoys seeing the sex acts or sex organs of others.” All three were (and are) psychosexual pathologies.

Each definition describes Old Bailey’s latest campus sex entertainment.

Child sex victims worldwide testify that their predators, like Bailey, commonly couched their sex abuse in “educational” terms.

“I am helping you learn about sex!”

“This is educational!”

“Only puritans see this as wrong!”

“I am teaching you how to have an orgasm.”

Professor Bailey “educated” 120 gasping students with wide-screen pornography while a naked, unbalanced woman was paid to have her reproductive organs assaulted with a mechanical device.

Bailey also asserted he was teaching them about “orgasm.”

Now, I have that bridge to sell you, cheap.

Bailey, Northwestern’s resident voyeur fits both the pimp and the voyeur profile.

One of the peepers, Bailey eagerly watched both the sex entertainment and his young students who were coping with their sexual discomfort, confusion and excitement.

Bailey’s students hoped for a good grade in his human sexuality course, so most accepted his “invitation” to watch the pitiable prostitute with the device, until, announced Bailey, she “reached sexual climax,” said The Daily Northwestern.


My, my, my.

Unfortunately, like “Harry Met Sally,” Bailey knows this isn’t science and that there is no evidence that the wretched woman had a “sexual climax.”

Oh, she said so.

Northwestern paid Weird Chicago Tours, a “Network for Kinky People,” for Bailey’s “extracurricular activity.”

This means a sex business was paid by Northwestern to indoctrinate students into prostitution.

So, will Bordello Bailey and Northwestern officials be arrested for suborning and pimping prostitution – and were all viewers of his illicit demo adults?

Northwestern has long supported Bailey’s barely legal sex activities. Dec. 23, 2002, then-Rep. Mark Souder seethed over one Bailey payout:

“Do I need a Ph.D. to understand why it is a sensible prioritization to spend hundreds of thousands of research dollars to pay women to watch porn, while countless Americans are suffering from debilitating diseases with no cures?”

In 2003 Bailey was “investigated” for describing his sex with a transvestite subject in his book, without her/his informed consent.

6Dr. Judith Reisman is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights, and Media Forensics.

The opinions published here are those of the writer and are not necessarily endorsed by the Institute. This article was originally published on WorldNetDaily on March 11, 2011. You can buy Dr. Reisman’s book Sexual Sabotage on her website.

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