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It’s 1984 in Massachusetts – And Big Brother Is Gay

ary Clossey’s children see no American flags at school to remind them that it is their safety that young men are risking their lives to defend. Rather, her daughter and other pupils are filed into an auditorium to hear a speaker liken the U.S. military to terrorists. For years the Newton, Mass., public schools have […]

What good is political education without political action?

s Saint James teaches, “faith without works is dead.” God’s grace may be “amazing”; but He desires men’s active cooperation with it for its full effects to emerge in changing their lives for the better. The same is true—perhaps to an even greater degree—with political education. How often have Americans heard patriotic pundits tell them […]

Charles Darwin

Why I Am Not a Fan of Charles Darwin

he billion dollar festivities commemorating the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth make some essential facts about the life and works of this man of science momentarily invisible. To begin with, Darwin did not invent the theory of evolution: He found it ready-made, under the form of an esoteric doctrine, in the work of his […]

Definition of ‘Science’

he word ‘science’ comes from the Latin, ‘sciere’ = ‘to know’.  The thrust of science is not that we discover the truth about things, but rather that we discover HOW to discover the truth about things.  Learning how we discover truth is itself the science of epistemology – the science of sciences. How do we […]

It’s Always Darkest Before the Dawn

common joke among Communists during the Cold War was that when they finally conquered the world, they would have to leave one country free to help them determine the prices for goods and services. Prices are determined by the law of supply and demand in a free market. Government bureaucrats do not have the ability, […]

Abortion Is NOT Legal!

The mainstream media tell us that the Supreme Court legalized abortion with its Roe v. Wade decision in 1973. The media also tell us that there is nothing we can do about it because Roe v. Wade is the “law of the land.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Abortion is not legal in […]

No More Striking Down Constitutions

onservatives contemplating George Bush’s judicial legacy — and his bizarre vision of Harriet Miers among the nine highest potentates in the democratic world — should expect no counter-revolution. True, he promised constitutionalist judges. But talking constitutionalism (like talking Christianity) is easy. Our governing elite punishes unvarnished clarity about our Constitution. Intellectual honesty, for lawyers, schoolteachers, […]

Kinsey Film Lies, Defames World War II Americans

n 1948, “illegitimacy,” abortion and rape rates were some hundreds of percentiles less than today, when even elementary school children are sexually “literate.” Yet that year, an impotent, closeted bi-homosexual pedophilic psychopath “proved” to the world that American GI’s and Rosie the Riveters were wildly randy adventurers who were also so sexually witless that they […]

Brazilian Paratroopers on Exercise.

What Crime?

t a time when FARC narcoguerilla fighters invade our schools to teach their genocidal doctrine to Brazilian children, at a time when an organization involved in doing propaganda for guerrillas tries out its power of strategic action, blocking almost every road in the country simultaneously—at a time like this, journalists and public prosecutors gather together […]

Making Essential Information Available Again

One of the essential items of the Gramscian menu that now regulates the Brazilian mental diet is information control, which entails the suppression of all facts that could bring harm to the Communist revolutionary project. It took forty years of “occupation of spaces” (a Gramscian technical term) in newspapers editorial departments, publishing houses, and cultural […]

Hilaire Belloc

Anti-Capitalist Capitalism

hen I say that capitalist democracy can hardly survive without a culture of traditional values, many Brazilian classical liberals, crazy about economics and devotees of the magic omnipotence of the market, assume an expression of horror, of scandal, as if they were facing a heresy, an intolerable aberration, an iniquitous and morbid thought that should […]