Herbert Titus’ Commentary Page

Herbert W. TitusA nationally-known constitutional scholar, author and lecturer, Herbert W. Titus is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, and Public Policy. He is of counsel to the law firm of William J. Olson, P.C. He taught constitutional law, common law, and other subjects for nearly thirty years at five different American Bar Association-approved law schools. From 1986 to 1993, he served as the founding Dean of the College of Law and Government at Regent University in Virginia and was Provost of the University.
Dean Titus has been a guest on radio and television and, for two years, hosted his own daily radio program, That’s The Law, on the VCY America network. He has testified on constitutional issues before the United States Congress. He has also testified on state and federal constitutional issues before the state legislatures of Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington. His views on constitutional law have received wide circulation among members of Congress, state legislatures and public policy advocates and organizations.