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The Truth About Alfred Kinsey

  Dr. Judith Reisman debunks Alfred Kinsey’s so-called scientific research on human sexuality and analyzes the social and cultural consequences of Kinsey’s works on American contemporary history.

“Natural” vs. “Novel” Sexuality — Part 1

A Brief “Family” Anthropological Backgrounder: Fear and Yale’s Stinging Ants or thousands of years, across cultures, the most prosperous civil societies emerged from a working “family” structure of one faithful woman wed to one (faithful) man who, secure in his  bloodline, provided for and protected his family and tried to leave some legacy for his progeny. […]

Dr. Reisman Exposes Malicious Disinformation on a TV Interview

On February 13, 2012, Sun News Networks’ Michael Coren interviewed Dr. Judith Reisman, IAI’s Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights, and Media Forensics. Watch the interview below.

Dr. Reisman on C-SPAN: 20th Century Sex Science & the Law

Judith Reisman discusses the cultural and legal impact of the work of Alfred Kinsey, the mid-20th century scientist best-known for his books, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” and “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.” Ms. Reisman is a Visiting Law Professor at Liberty University, and a guest lecturer in this course called “Sexual Behavior […]