Mission Statement

The mission of the Council is to bridge the existing gap between public and private sectors for the collateral advancement of regional economic development.

The Council recognizes that in recent times a number of international and regional organizations have articulated this need and that a few bodies have begun to serve selective areas of this requirement. It is the view of the Council however, that an overall nexus of focus and perspective between the public and private sectors has now become imperative for interrelated regional development.

The Council further believes that increasing innovation and advancement in technology strengthen the requirement for institutional policy linkages between the different sectors of national and regional planning in the interest of a wider hemispheric design. This need is perhaps most clearly evidenced in the areas of trade and the environment, tourism and services, communications and information, and education and human resource development.

The Council therefore sees the GOALS to achieve its mission as five fold:

* To raise awareness among business executives of the needs and related government policies and actions.

* To facilitate opportunities for focus and interchange by private and public sectors on the technological trends and developments and its implications for the economies of the region.

* To provide impetus for a fresh look at new theories through the input and critique of the academic members.

* To identify and promote mechanisms for public and private sector engagement regionally and sub regionally for the furtherance of informed overall regional economic development.

* To propitiate a credible political environment between private and public sector for continuing engagement.

The Mission of the Council is expressed in its logo which represents graphically interfacing circles of relationship. The Headquarters of the Council is Washington, D. C. The Council will establish two regional offices in Latin America and the Caribbean within the next two years.

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