Achievement Perspectives

The OBJECTIVES of the Council are reached through four basic mechanisms:

  • Functional and continuing association by the Council with the Organization of American States through its related departments and units.
  • Key meetings throughout the year by the Council with Heads of State, Trade and Finance Ministers and other senior public officials in Washington, D. C. and other related areas.
  • Regional and sub regional action groupings on selected thematic questions under the aegis of the Council.
  • Annual regional encounters convened by the Council between public and private sectors and civil society.

In June 2000, at the General Assembly Meeting of the Organization of American States, the Council and the Secretariat of the Organization of American States signed an agreement on cooperation. The Council is also accredited to the OAS. Through the agreement with the Secretariat and on the basis of its accreditation, the Council will work closely with the Organization's Committee on Civil Society and other bodies of the Organization.

The Centerpiece of the Council's actions will be its Annual Meeting. The Council will convene these annual encounters on the occasions of the regular sessions of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States. This signature event is convened in association with the Secretariat of the Organization of American States and the host governments of the Assembly sessions. The themes of the Meeting vary annually and is established in consultation with governments, groups of governments and private sector bodies of the region.

The Annual Meetings of the Council feature high level decision makers in the fields of international business, finance and government to examine critical issues facing the inter-American economy as the region enters the first stages of this new millennium. In collaboration with other actors of the region the Council will attempt to develop new directions and concrete policy prescriptions. The occasions of the Annual Meetings provides the participants as investors in the region, with unprecedented access to policymakers and insights into the business environment of the Hemisphere as it undergoes fundamental change.

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