Corporate Memberships

The Inter-American Economic Council is a vanguard integrating regional actors from a wide cross section of the Hemisphere. Membership of the Council includes leaders from business, professional groupings, private sector agencies, non-governmental organizations and academia. The membership constitutes a working partnership committed to collaborating through an integrated focus in the development of informed regional policies on key economic issues of the region and larger global questions which might impact on the Hemisphere.

The programs and private meetings of the Council afford unique opportunities to interact with senior government officials from the U.S., Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, and establish contacts with other private sector leaders active in the region. Members of the Council are also invited regularly to participate as speakers and panelists in business programs throughout the region and outside the Hemisphere. Membership in the IAEC provides a forum for members to interact and develop sustained professional relationships with the most prominent and powerful business and government leaders in the Western Hemisphere. These relationships are critical to investigating market opportunities and cementing business deals.

Advance policy issues utilizing the collective membership of the region's premier companies and institutions by providing unprecedented access the Hemisphere's senior government officials.

Participate in the IAEC's Annual Meeting, the Hemisphere's most important business gathering, which brings together business leaders, government ministers, and heads of state from North, Central and South America, to discuss emerging business opportunities and trade issues facing the region. Participate in Regional Focus Meetings, which take place throughout the Americas, concentrating on different countries of the Hemisphere These meetings provide participants, as investors in the region, with access to policymakers and insights into the business environment of the Hemisphere as it undergoes fundamental change.

Through the annual Meetings and Conferences, sub-regional action groupings, thematic seminars, public programs and off-the- record meetings each year, the Council will provide direct access to Western Hemisphere leaders and senior corporate management. Invitations to meetings and roundtables are sent directly to members throughout the U.S. and Latin America and publicized on the organization's website. Participants in Council programs will include presidents, cabinet officials, central bankers, political leaders, country experts, academics, and private sector leaders from across the continent.

For Membership Information Call the Council's Membership Department at 202-548-0400.

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