Sixth Winter Award Gala - March 6, 2007

Hall of the Americas
Organization of American States
17th Street & Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC

Date: March 6, 2007
Time: 6:30 PM

8:00 PM
Formal Dinner and Dancing
Attire: Black Tie

The Inter-American Economic Council's Sixth Winter Award Gala will recognize an individual who has done the most to promote public/private sector cooperation for economic growth and development in the countries of the Western Hemisphere.

The recipient of this award is Mrs. Harriet Mayor Fulbright, President of the J. William & Harriet Fulbright Center. Accordingly, Mrs. Fulbright's selection is based on her sterling record of leadership as President of the J. William & Harriet Fulbright Center where she has continued to advance the work of her late husband, Senator J. William Fulbright by promoting non-violent conflict resolution through international collaboration and education programs. As Executive Director of the Presidential Committee on the Arts and the Humanities (PCAH) Harriet Fulbright led a team composed of public and private sector leaders, to forge public-private partnerships and demonstrate the critical role that the arts and culture must play in our society. Mrs. Fulbright's life's work has consistently sought to bridge the cultures of business and government, to work together in meaningful ways for the betterment of society. Mrs. Fulbright is an Ambassador of Education, Leadership, and Good Will and a much needed voice that peace and hope is still possible for mankind. Her life's work parallels the Council's Mission.

If you would like to attend the Inter-American Economic Council's Sixth Winter Award Gala and be listed as a contributor to the event honoring Mrs. Harriet Mayor Fulbright, please refer below to the Sponsorship Opportunities link to download the sponsorship form.



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