Building Sustainable Societies: The Path to Development

On April 13th and 14th of 2007 tucked away at Cartagena's Santa Teresa Convent business, academic and government leaders will meet in an effort to promote the growth of business ideas and their exchange between Latin America's growing markets and the United States. The Government of Colombia is excited to host the Inter-American Economic Forum. This program will focus on Building Sustainable Societies through trade liberalization and integration, analysis of economic trends and political developments, corporate social responsibility and education, and compatible policies of environmental protection and economic development in the Hemisphere. It will provide a reflective look back at recent developments in the region during the last year and more importantly look forward prospectively to determine an effective path for the region going forward.

Cartagena has long played host to significant international meetings, and now it will host the most important gathering of U.S. and Latin American businesses and government representatives in a decade. With the support of President Uribe and the regional expertise of the Inter-American Economic Council this event promises to be the first of many annual summits, keeping the lines of communication between government and business open, the streams of innovative thought active, and fostering a spirit of collaborative work going forward.

The Summit will consist of topical roundtables, industry break-outs, and a day of discussion groups. The event format is similar to a "working meeting" between industry leaders, the leaders of important think tanks, academics, significant government leaders, corporations, and the nations in which they do business. This format will allow participants to directly influence economic development policies, business trends, and develop relationships with future partners.

The best corporate minds, technological innovators and captains of the private-enterprise world will spend the two days collaborating with one another, and with the governments of Latin America to open dialogue, make innovation active and lead us forward into the 21st century.

Confirmed speakers include Dr. Jorge Castañeda, former Foreign Minister of Mexico, Felipe Larrain from Universidad Catolica of Chile, Luis Giusti of CSIS, Harriet Fulbright, Sir Allen Stanford, OAS Assistant Secretary General Albert Ramdin, and Beatrice Rangel amongst a host of distinguished speakers.

Please call (202) 548-0400 for details.


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