Financing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals

The Inter-American Economic Council is establishing a working group of regional experts to focus on the issue of Financing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the Fall of 2007. As a regionally focused institution, the objective of the meeting is to look at financing mechanisms and securitization in the context of Latin America. The meeting will build upon the recently concluded summit that the Council organized in Cartagena in which the basis of building sustainable societies was discussed with Dr. Jorge CastaƱeda, Dr. Felipe Larrain, Luis Giusti, Harriet Fulbright, Ambassador Albert Ramdin, amongst a few of the distinguished leader participants.

The discussion will be centered on investing in Human Capital. There will be four key areas that we will review (1) Education, (2) Health Care, (3) Best Private Sector Practices including Corporate Social Responsibility, and (4) Securitization including infrastructure, transportation, energy and real estate. The program in Buenos Aires is envisioned as both an opportunity to make substantive progress on developing an agenda for financing the Millennium Development Goals in the region and as vehicle in which business, government and academic leaders will be able to monitor implementation and report back.

With these discussions the Council continues the process of developing practical prescriptions to promote the economic development of the nations of the Western Hemisphere.

Please contact our Executive Director, Mr. Ramon Zertuche, at 202-548-0400 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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