Eighth Winter Award Gala - February 27, 2009

Date: February 27, 2009
Place: Hall of the Americas
Organization of American States
17th Street & Constitution Ave., NW
Washington, DC
Time: 6:30 PM

8:00 PM
Formal Dinner and Dancing
Attire: Black Tie

The Inter-American Economic Council's Eighth Winter Award Gala will recognize an individual who has done the most to promote public/private sector cooperation for economic growth and development in the countries of the Western Hemisphere.

The Council is pleased to announce the selection of Colombian Philanthropist and Business Leader Carlos Mattos, as the 2009 recipient of the Excellence in Leadership Award. He is a visionary whose career has created employment opportunities and contributed to poverty alleviation not just for Colombians but for people throughout the Andean Region and Central America. Mattos is President of Hyundai Colombia Automotriz S.A., former member of the Colombian Senate, Honorary Consul of the Republic of San Marino, a Real Estate Developer and Philanthropist. He has consistently sought to bridge the cultures of business and government, to work together in meaningful ways for the betterment of society. His life's work parallels the Council's Mission. By accepting this Award, he is an inspiration for future "Excellence in Leadership." Mattos is also a recipient of Babson College's "Global Entrepreneur Award", his accomplishments will be celebrated in the majestic Hall of the Americas at the Organization of American States at the 2009 Annual Winter Award Gala in the presence of Government and Corporate Leaders and the Diplomatic Community. This Gala Fundraiser will enable the Council to continue its important work in organizing programs focused on regional trade and investment, poverty alleviation, corporate social responsibility, and the economic consequences of HIV-AIDS.

If you would like to attend the Inter-American Economic Council's Eighth Winter Award Gala and be listed as a contributor to the event honoring Mr. Carlos Mattos, please click the Sponsorship Opportunities link below to download the offline sponsorship form.



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