March 2003 Dominican Republic Trade and Investment Conference

The Dominican Republic Business Dialogue is designed to Review Trade and Foreign Policy as it relates to internal commerce within the Caribbean and the Wider Hemisphere. It will also analyze the region's efforts towards Trade Integration and Economic Liberalization. An important component of the new trade arrangements will be the way in which IT is treated within the regional trade negotiations. IT is a growing industry sector within the Caribbean generally. Fundamentally, it represents a relatively clean industry that complements the region's Tourism Sector. As a component of this direct dialogue with the Government of the Dominican Republic we will review investment opportunities in the Dominican Republic. The Program will focus on Finance, Trade, High Technology, Manufacturing and Transportation. These discussions will continue the Inter-American Economic Council's on-going efforts and commitment to promoting Economic Diversification in the Caribbean region to avoid future economic shocks such as that which occurred as a result of the downward spiral in Tourism following the tragic events of September 11.

Roundtable Goals

  1. Provide the Hemisphere's Business Leaders the opportunity to engage in a direct Dialogue with Senior Government Officials of the Dominican Republic.
  2. Exchange points of view with Government Officials regarding the trade process and Intra-Caribbean trade.
  3. Provide a Forum to follow-up on the Results of the IT Session, Chaired by Ruth Espey-Romero, that the Inter-American Economic Council organized at the OAS General Assembly Meeting in Barbados
  4. Provide a Forum for Companies to network and conclude deals.

Based on the private-public sector discussions and outcomes, the Council's "Roundtable Report" will recommend strategies for achieving economic diversification in the region and the wider hemisphere. The report will also be made available through the OAS Department of Public Information.

The Roundtable will open with Statements by Government and Business Leaders from the Dominican Republic under the theme "Economic Diversification in the Caribbean and Latin America - Caribbean Caucus on Trade and Technology". The Business Roundtable will canvass business trends, review business practices and government policy issues. It is expected to provide new openings and opportunities for investment, education, trade and jobs growth. It will provide unprecedented networking opportunities for participants from throughout the Caribbean and the Wider Hemisphere. Participants will have access to top government officials.

Speakers will also be drawn from the private and government sectors as well as Embassy Officials. The delegation to Santo Domingo will be led by His Excellency Ambassador Christopher Thomas, Chairman of the Inter-American Economic Council and former Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States.

Selection of participants

Given Space Limitations and Security Issues, early registration is encouraged. To request an application for an invitation please visit

Sponsorship Packages:

Platinum $50,000
Representative introduced as Underwriter Platinum Sponsor. Speaking Opportunity for Sponsor's Representative at the Program Company logo prominently displayed throughout the event. Company recognition in the event program and in quarterly newsletters throughout the year. Company Promotional Material Distributed at the Event.

Gold $25,000
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Silver $10,000
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