January 15 to 19 2003 Antigua and Barbados Business Roundtables

The Inter-American Economic Council is sponsoring a bipartisan visit of Members of the United States Congress and U.S. Business Leaders to Antigua and Barbados from January 15 to January 19, 2003. Fundamentally, this visit is designed to promote economic recovery and economic diversification in a region that has experienced a crash in tourism revenues as a result of the tragic events of September 11 and the devastation caused by several hurricanes. In addition to the meetings with Senior Government Officials and Representatives of Multilateral Institutions, the Council will conduct two Caribbean Business Roundtables in Antigua and Barbados. On January 16, 2003, the Council expects to attract business leaders and Government representatives from Antigua and Barbuda for a business roundtable in Antigua designed to discuss U.S./Caribbean Business Issues. On January 18, 2003, the Council expects to attract business leaders and Government representatives from Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean States for a business roundtable in Barbados designed to discuss U.S./Caribbean Business Issues.

The Inter-American Economic Council will convene two meetings of Government and Business Leaders to discuss essential issues involving the Caribbean Region. These Leaders will want to hear the views of the local business community about offshore banking, finance, hi-technology including telecommunications, tourism, trade and economic diversification in the Caribbean. Participants will have direct interaction and networking opportunities with Senior Government Officials and Business Leaders. These business roundtables are organized by the Inter-American Economic Council at the invitation of the Government of Antigua and the Government of Barbados.

Roundtable Goal:
The Goal of this Business Roundtables is to facilitate a dialogue between United States Government Representatives, Caribbean Government Leaders, U.S. Business Leaders and Caribbean Business Leaders. These Roundtables serve as a follow up to the Annual Business Roundtable that the Inter-American Economic Council organized and executed as part of the OAS General Assembly Meeting in Barbados in June 2002. Results of this Roundtable will be presented to the United States Government Officials and Caribbean Leaders.

Roundtable Scenario:
The Roundtables will open with the theme, "Economic Diversification in the Caribbean", the Business Roundtable will canvass business trends, review business practices and government policy issues. It is expected to provide new openings and opportunities for investment, education, trade and jobs growth.

Click here to see pictures from the Congressional and Business Roundtable.

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