June 7, 2003, Annual Business Roundtable and OAS General Assembly Meeting

The Inter-American Economic Council
Annual Business Roundtable
OAS General Assembly Meeting

The Ritz Carlton Hotel, Santiago, Chile
7 June 2003, Business Roundtable

Simultaneous Translation will be available in English, French and Spanish

The Inter-American Economic Council ["Council"] is sponsoring an annual Business Roundtable, with the participation in the exclusive OAS General Assembly Meeting. The Council expects to attract business leaders and Government representatives from throughout the Americas, including all of the Foreign Ministers in the Americas.
Annually, the OAS General Assembly Meeting convenes to discuss essential issues involving the Americas. They want to hear the views of the business community about the pace of foreign investment in Latin America, the U.S. Chile FTA and the wider FTAA process, and prospects for growth and development in the Andean Region. Participants will have direct interaction and networking opportunities with the Hemisphere's Policy Makers. This Roundtable event is organized by the Council with the full support and cooperation of the Government of Chile and the General Secretariat of the OAS.

Roundtable Goals:
The first Goal of the Annual Business Roundtable is to expand business opportunities in the Americas with an obvious emphasis on the Southern Cone.
The second Goal will be to report immediately to the "Informal Dialogue of Foreign Ministers." Based on the private-public discussions and outcomes, the Council's "Roundtable Report" will provide recommendations for achieving economic growth in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Roundtable Scenario:
The Roundtable will open with meetings with the theme, 'Economic Growth and Development in Latin America', the Business Roundtable will canvass business trends, review business practices and government policy issues. It is expected to provide new openings and opportunities for investment, education, trade and jobs growth. Participants will have access to the OAS General Assembly Meeting reception and Inauguration. Speakers are drawn from private and Government sectors, as well as Embassy officials. A schedule of events will be provided for each participant. The Program will be Inaugurated by the President of Chile.

About the Host Country
Chile is one of the Latin American region's most dynamic and promising markets. Its strength and attractiveness lie not in its size (population of 15 million people), but in the energy and professionalism of its entrepreneurs, the transparency of its regulation, and the predictability of its decision-makers. Market-led reforms adopted close to 30 years ago and an increasingly diversified economy with strong ties to buyers and suppliers in the Americas, Europe and Asia have given Chile a wide range of options for further growth. Prudent economic policy-making has secured long-term stability. Chile is a particularly promising market for high technology and capital goods. The U.S. is Chile's largest single supplier (almost 23 percent of imports) with two-way trade totaling almost $7 billion last year. In this year's Business Roundtable we will review best practices as they relate to Chile and the adaptability of those practices within the wider hemisphere.

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Daily Agenda
Roundtable Topics and Speakers

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