Delta Airlines: Official Carrier of the 2003 OAS Business Roundtable


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Delta Airlines Named Official Carrier of the 2003 OAS Business Roundtable in Santiago, Chile

The Inter-American Economic Council ["Council"] is pleased to announce that Delta Airlines has been named the exclusive official carrier for the 2003 OAS Business Roundtable in Santiago Chile. Delta along with the City of Atlanta Georgia are the Gold Sponsors of the 2003 OAS Business Roundtable. In commenting on the Delta Sponsorship, the President of the Inter-American Economic Council expressed his gratitude to both Delta Airlines and the City of Atlanta for working to promote business development throughout the Hemisphere by sponsoring the Business Roundtable. Featherman said, " this year's OAS General Assembly Meeting will be the most important international event to take place in Chile this Calendar Year and the Business Roundtable will provide the Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Trade an opportunity to interact directly with the Business Community." The Second Annual OAS Business Roundtable will be held under the Auspices of the Government of Chile and the Inter-American Economic Council. The Roundtable is the business component of the OAS General Assembly Meeting. Additional information about the program can be obtained by visiting the Council website at

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