Pioneer in Latin American exports selected for 2005 Excellence in Leadership Award


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Washington, DC: Barry S. Featherman, Esq., President & CEO of the Inter-American Economic Council, announced in a press conference, that the Management of the Council has selected the Honorable Fadi Nahas, Chief Executive Officer of NA Plus, as the 2005 Recipient of the Council's Excellence in Leadership Award.

In commenting on the Council's decision Featherman indicated that "the Council is honoring Mr. Nahas for his sterling record of leadership at the helm of the NA Plus exemplifying excellence in import-export ventures in the Western Hemisphere, as well as in Europe, Turkey, and the Middle East." Featherman further stated that the Council Admires Mr. Nahas' accomplishments and leadership at NA Plus, a company that was the first to introduce produce such as bananas and poultry and products from Latin America into Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Egypt, Romania and Turkey. "Mr. Nahas who hails from Lebanon and maintains offices in Istanbul, Turkey has carved out export markets for Latin America and has contributed to the Economic Growth of Latin America's Developing Nations," Featherman commented. He has also worked to champion cultural, gender, environmental and social development issues for the Ibero-American community and the world at large. Mr. Nahas is actively involved in the World Economic Forum, the Galapagos Foundation, Harvard University and is the Honorary Consul General of Ecuador in Turkey. During his dynamic career he has consistently sought to bridge the cultures of business and government, to work together in meaningful ways to the betterment of society. The Council seeks to create a form in which effective investments are made by the public and private sectors working together to reach beyond safe, traditional borders. Fadi Nahas' life's work parallels the Council's Mission. "He has a solid record of proven accomplishment in getting things done for Latin America on a Global Basis. I am thrilled that he has agreed to accept this award," commented Inter-American Economic Council Chairman, Ambassador Christopher Thomas, former Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States.

Featherman indicated that the Award will officially be bestowed upon Mr. Nahas at the Council's Annual Winter Gala scheduled to take place in Washington, D.C. in February 2005. The Gala is attended annually by Government Officials, Business Leaders and the Diplomatic Community. Past award recipients include Ambassador Peter Romeo, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs; Her Excellency Ivonne Juez de Baki, Minister of Commerce of Ecuador; and Mr. Gustavo Cisneros, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Cisneros Group of Companies

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