Chairman: Amb. Christopher R. Thomas

is a national of Trinidad and Tobago with vast experience at the Caribbean, Latin American and International levels. Ambassador Thomas served as the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (1990-2000). He was head of his country's Foreign Service, served as his country's Ambassador to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and served as Chairperson of a number of United Nations bodies and committees over the period 1975-1990.

Ambassador Thomas holds a First Degree (B. A.) from the University of London; a Diploma in Education (with distinction) from the University of the West Indies; a Masters in Latin American Studies from the University of Bristol, England; and a Masters in Political Science from New York University. Ambassador Thomas has lectured extensively on Latin American and International Relations, is the author of numerous articles and two books on the Organization of American States. He is fluent in Spanish and is regarded as a leading expert on Latin America and the Caribbean.

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