Senior Advisor to the President & CEO: Carl M. Asakawa

is the Council's Senior Advisor to the President & CEO. Mr. Asakawa graduated from Antioch College [B.A. in American Civilization]; and Masters in Public Administration from University of Maine at Orono. His work experience includes Executive Director of a nonprofit, non-government organization, IDC; started Asakawa International, Inc., a consulting practice involving troubled banks; and served as a trouble-shooter for Ginnie Mae and responsible for $250 billion mortgage-backed securities. Mr. Asakawa's directorships have included Choral Arts Society [Chairman of the Board; Vice Chairman]; Woolly Mammoth Theatre; Vernay Laboratories, Inc. [Finance Committee chairman, for worldwide elastomeric manufacturing concern]; Islands, Inc. [Treasurer, for 1,200 acres farm business]; City at Peace [Vice Chair]; and International Center for Global Aging [Advisory Board, at Catholic University]; and Antioch University [Trustee].

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