IAEC partners with Multilingual Website Experts!

In order to keep their members and constituents up-to-date on the latest developments in the Western Hemisphere, the Inter-American Econmic Council (IAEC) needed a dynamic, multilingual database-driven website, which their staff could update on a daily basis without delays, excessive website update costs, and without keeping a technical webmaster on salary full time.

After researching a multitude website localization firms, the IAEC chose Globalization Partners International (GPI) to design, develop and localize their new website in Spanish and Portuguese. GPI reviewed all of the IAEC's requirements and provided a comprehensive proposal to provide a multilingual, database-driven website that was powered by a content management system that nontechnical staff could use, and at a price that a small not-for-profit company's budget could handle.

GPI utilized Blue Mesa Creations Site Manager ML as its content management system for the IAEC. Site Manager ML is specifically designed for small to medium sized companies with value-minded budgets. With Site Manager ML control of the web site is placed in the hands of the content and subject matter experts without the need for any web technology or html expertise. All they need is a web browser. The Site Manager ML allows a company to update their site, post new articles, create new links, adjust navigation and add photos and artwork all from a simple and intuitive web application. No more expensive and time consuming website update projects.

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