7th Winter Award Gala Host Committee

Henry Kissinger
Honorary Gala Chair


Beatrice Rangel
Host Committee Chair

Honorary Patrons
2008 Winter Award Gala
H.E. Albert R. Ramdin
Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States
Organization of American States
H.E. Deborah Lovell
Ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda to the United States
Antigua and Barbuda
H.E. Michael Ian King
Ambassador of Barbados to the United States
H.E. Antonio de Aguiar Patriota
Ambassador of Brazil to the United States
H.E. Michael Wilson
Ambassador of Canada to the United States
H.E. Mariano Fernandez
Ambassador of Chile to the United States
H.E. Carolina Barco Isakson
Ambassador of Colombia to the United States
H.E. F. Tomas Duenas
Ambassador of Costa Rica to the United States
Costa Rica
H.E. Flavio Dario Espinal
Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United States
The Dominican Republic
H.E. Luis Benigno Gallegos
Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States
H.E. Denis G. Antoine
Ambassador of Grenada to the United States
H.E. Jose Guillermo Castillo
Ambassador of the Republic of Guatemala to the United States
The Republic of Guatemala
H.E. Bayney R. Karran
Ambassador of Guyana to the United States
H.E. Arturo Sarukhan Casamitjana
Ambassador of Mexico to the United States
H.E. Federico A. Humbert Arias
Ambassador of Panama to the United States
H.E. James Spalding
Ambassador of Paraguay to the United States
H.E. Izben Cordinal Williams
Ambassador of Saint Kitts and Nevis to the United States
Saint Kitts and Nevis
H.E. Marina Annette Valere
Ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago to the United States
Trinidad and Tobago
Host Committee
2008 Winter Award Gala
Ms. Anne L. Alonzo
Vice President, Global Public Policy
Kraft Foods
  Mr. H. Stephen Halloway
United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Dr. Juan Carlos Arizaga
Arizaga & Co.
  Lady Monica Heftler

Ambassador Ivonne Baki
Andean Parliament
  Mr. Raul Herrera
Arnold & Porter LLP
Ms. Tatiana Baki

  Mr. James LeBlanc
Execuitve Director
American-Kuwaiti Alliance
Ms. Susan Hurley Bennett

  Ms. Maria E. Levens
Director, Department Human Development
Organization of American States
Mr. Douglas Bergeron
President & CEO
VeriFone, Inc.
  Ms. Antonieta Lopez
Vice Presidente de Asuntos Corporativos
Organizacion Cisneros
Mr. Jerry C. Butler

Executive Director, Caribbean
Inter-American Development Bank
  Ms. Anne M. McCarthy
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
The Western Union Company
Ms. Gloria B. Cabe
Managing Director, International Operations
James Lee Witt Associates
  Hon. Fadi Nahas
CEO, NA Plus
Honorary Consul General of Ecuador in Turkey
Ms. Bo Derek
Special Envoy for the Secretary of State Wildlife Trafficking
U.S. Department of State
  Ms. Caroline Okumo
Smith Fairfield, Inc.
Ms. Suzanne Duvall
Director, International Government Affairs
URS Corporation
  Ms. Beatrice Rangel
Mrs. Harriet Mayor Fulbright
J. William & Harriet Fulbright Center
  Ms. Conchita Sarnoff
Sarnoff Communications
Mr. Ainsley Gill
President & CEO
Ainsley Gill & Associates
  Mrs. Lucilla Schmitz

Mr. Eric-Vincent Guichard
Chief Investment Officer
GRAVITAS Capital Advisors LLC
  Mr. Will Stephens
Vice President, International Government Affairs
Johnson & Johnson
Mrs. Yolanda Suarez
Chief of Staff
Stanford Financial Group

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