Institutions and Underworld Academics

Thanks to state legislator Woody Burton, the Indiana legislature is currently debating whether to defund its famous Kinsey Institute at Indiana University. It is becoming more embarrassing to the people of the great state of Indiana as more people understand that Kinsey’s fraudulent sex research was based on his team’s solicitation and use of child molesters as child sexuality “experts.” These “experts” founded and have largely shaped and directed the entire field of human sexuality since Kinsey and continue to do so.

Today the discredited Kinsey Institute staff and alumni, together with a cadre of admitted pedophiles and pederasts, control the field of sexology through the nation’s several human sexuality “accrediting” agencies. Kinsey’s bogus sex findings are increasingly spread by these disciples, yet on Jan. 30, the Kinsey Institute director, psychiatrist John Bancroft, announced to the Indianapolis Star: “We don’t have a monopoly on sex research” anymore.

True, the expose of the Institute’s history of child sex abuse and fraud has caused concern in the field and thus a shift of the sexology epicenter from Indiana University to less notorious universities. The power of the Kinsey Institute seems to be diffusing as two key new sex research “centers” are in the news more frequently. The first, a more “respectable” branch was the University of Chicago, where Robert Michael, Edward Laumann and former Kinsey Institute staffer and Bancroft buddy, John Gagnon, published their wobbly research, Sex in America (1994). These 1992 data were recycled and appeared in February 1999 as a puff piece on “sexual dysfunction.” The authors tipped their flag in praise of their indispensable cornerstone, Dr. Kinsey when the article on “sexual dysfunction” was published in the respectable Journal of the American Medical Association.

The second runner up to the Kinsey Institute crown is the unknown Center for Sex Research at California State University, Northridge, dubbed the “Kinsey Institute of the West.” The Northridge Center for Sex Research founder, Vern Bullough, a self-confessed pedophile and editor of the “academic” Journal of Paedophilia, is in the sexology mainstream seeking to legalize adult sex with infants and children.

Northridge University’s Center for Sex Research is continuing the example set by the Kinsey Institute as an academic institution in bed with pedophiles and pornographers. It is a scenario right out of the Godfather: Academics need money and have respectability. Pedophiles and pornographers of the underworld need respectability and have money. The Mafioso-like relationship between academic institutions and pornographers/pedophiles begun at Indiana University continues at Northridge.

To illustrate how this collegial arrangement works between respectable academics and the underworld of pedophiles and pornographers, Northridge University’s Center for Sex Research used its good state supported offices to boldly organize an annual “World Pornography Conference,” August 6-9, 1998. Led by the Center for Sex Research Director, James E. Ellias, pornography industry leaders and performers met together with their “academic” pornography colleagues to share and shape future national pornography and pedophile strategies. In addition to pedophile Bullough, the World Pornography Conference starred Bullough’s self-confessed pedophile colleagues John DeCecco, Daniel Tsang and Wayne Dynes, all professors at other major American colleges and editors of The Journal of Paedophilia.

Among the list of “unique” presenters was Ralph Underwager, Journal of Paedophilia interviewee and child custody “expert,” who insists “Pedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose … the best way to love,” for an appreciative and growing pedophile audience. Ted McIlvenna, another conference speaker and founder of the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in northern California, contributed an article back in 1977 on “child sexuality” to Hustler magazine urging legalization of incest and adult sex with children. McIlvenna’s Institute most generously supplied Hustler’s adult users with graphic nude child photographs published alongside the article. The child pornography is published again in an Institute publication entitled “Meditations on the Gift of Sexuality” and published in 1977. A nude professor McIlvenna appears in photographs alongside nude Institute faculty, staff and students in varied combinations of group sexual congress. These groupings, sans academic euphemisms, are more commonly known as orgies. Of the 180 reporters said to have covered the pornography conference, none mentioned the Northridge University’s Center for Sex Research ties to the underworld culture of child abuse associated with pedophiles and pornography.

There is nothing exceptional about the pornography industry’s financial ties to sex science academics. The Kinsey Institute took funds from pornographers for years and pornographers have funded sex research as well as sizable salaries to academicians to serve on their advisory boards or as expert witnesses in courtrooms and legislatures making law and setting dangerous precedents which injure children. Perjury is a stock event in sex “science” history. While quietly collecting pornography payola, Kinsey Institute members falsely told courts and legislatures that they used a “random” sample of Americans and found both pornography and adult sex with children harmless. But Kinsey’s 1,400 male sex offenders, 200 sexual psychopaths and hundreds of radical homosexuals hardly constituted a “random sample” of 1940s American men.

For decades the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, led by “academic dean,” Kinsey co-author and sex partner Wardell Pomeroy, made and sold pornography. Pomeroy publicly sought funds from the pornography industry to make child pornography himself. Pornography is part of the academic program of the sexologist. Coarsening and conditioning “Sexual Attitude Restructuring” pornographic films and videos were mandated as course work for sexology students since early 1980. The repetitious viewing of violent and degrading pornography (Sexual Attitude Restructuring), compulsory by 1982 for graduation and accreditation, had “desensitized” over 100,000 sexology students by 1988.

The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality gives students course credit for class participation in “erotic massage,” “masturbation,” “fantasy,” and similar, uhhh, studies. The products of this grim brainwashing become the faculty who design and teach the sex education curricula for our children, the cultural, political and public policy leaders of our nation. With such sex “education” filtering down from the university to general society — post Kinsey 1948 — is it any wonder that our judges routinely give custody of children to known sexual abusing parents, as law and public policy become more accepting of what pedophiles call the “last taboo,” that is, adults having legal access to our children for sexual purposes?

6Dr. Judith Reisman is a Distinguished Senior Fellow in the Study of Social Trends, Human Rights, and Media Forensics.

The opinions published here are those of the writer and are not necessarily endorsed by the Institute. This article was originally published on WorldNetDaily on March 5, 1999. You can buy Dr. Reisman’s book Sexual Sabotage on her website.

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