International Petition in Support of the URGENT Work of Professor Stephen Baskerville

This Petition circulated by, was voluntarily translated into other languages by supporters and gained support on three continents.  In addition to the notable Signers listed below who responded directly, over nine hundred other persons signed on-line.

(For background see International Press Release here).
Released May 12, 2014

To: The Trustees, Chancellor, President, Provost, Faculty and Students of Patrick Henry College
1.  We write in support of the College’s recent presentation of Professor Stephen Baskerville’s address, “Politicizing Potiphar’s Wife: The New Ideology,” at the annual Faith and Reason Lecture.  His analysis of the threats to civilization, religious freedom, the rule of law, parents’ rights and the Natural Human Family is indispensable and is affirmed by many of the most profound observers of the modern age, as well as their predecessors all the way back to ancient times.  We regard the resulting outrage and indignation on the part of activists for militant feminism, homosexualism and/or other social agendas that threaten our society and the Natural Human Familyas an indication of the power of this message — a desirable and necessary achievement for which the College and Professor Baskerville are to be congratulated.
We resolutely add that any institution of intellectual, academic and moral integrity ought to be extremely proud to have Professor Baskerville as a senior and especially respected and influential member of its staff.  Attacks against his academic and intellectual integrity and the gravitas of his work must be rejected for what they are: disinformation and character assassination arising from desperation, and an all-too-familiar mixture of ignorance and dishonesty.
Clearly, had this address been of anything other than the highest quality it would have garnered nothing more than a snicker here and there.
Professor Baskerville’s work is of the greatest strategic importance and immediate urgency and has earned him the great intellectual and personal respect of countless serious and learned persons.  He is one of the rare guiding lights of today’s “conservatism” and in the vast wasteland of higher education.  In fact, his work has been given only a small fraction of the attention that it must receive.
We hope it is not lost on you — in particular those responsible for charting the future of the College — that the advancement of Professor Baskerville’s work is absolutely necessary to the survival of Patrick Henry College itself in any recognizable and desirable form and to the restoration and defense fundamental parental rights, religious freedom, and freedom to home school.  As Professor Baskerville’s work has established, the political and “legal” foundation for the de facto eradication of parental rights has been laid in most “advanced” countries in the Western World, primarily by four decades of sweeping and unopposed violations of the legal rights of fathers, always under color of law.
Now he adds to his previous groundbreaking work, his vital analysis of the strategic connections between the interests that have achieved the now very advanced destruction of fatherhood in the “advanced world” and seemingly distinct interest groups who agitate for absolute preeminence of “homosexual rights,” abortion and government control of the moral and intellectual formation of all children.
2.  We therefore urge those entrusted with charting the future of Patrick Henry College to make an even greater commitment and investment in the kind of work by which Professor Baskerville has distinguished himself in the eyes of a growing international audience.
Specifically, we urge Patrick Henry College to consider hosting an annual international conference dealing ambitiously and fearlessly with the issues to which Professor Baskerville has devoted much of his professional life, and which have not been taken up with anything like adequate commitment by like-minded leaders and institutions.  In fact, there is a near total silence about monumental matters to which Professor Baskerville and a small number of other influential persons have committed themselves with impressive perseverance.
Patrick Henry College has an historic opportunity to fill this gaping void, and no doubt Professor Baskerville’s reputation and unique understanding of the interconnectedness of numerous major issues can be the basis for attracting the most exceptional participants in such an endeavor as we propose.
Phyllis Schlafly, President, Eagle Forum, attorney, author
Dr. Ted Baehr, Founder, Publisher, MovieGuide® (, author, Chairman, Christian Film & Television Commission
Dr. Judith Reisman, Ph.D., author, Visiting Professor of Law, Liberty University School of Law
Dr. Alan L. Keyes, Former U.S. Ambassador to UN Economic and Social Council, Fmr. Asst. Sec. of State for International Organization Affairs
Steve Baldwin, former Executive Director, Council for National Policy, former Minority Whip of the California Assembly, author
Prof. Paul Gottfried, historian, author, political philosopher, Adjunct Scholar, Ludwig von Mises Institute, former Guggenheim Fellow
Dr. Jacob Roginsky, Founder, A Matter of Justice, a national legal reform coalition (and a Department of Defense scientist)
Dr. Charles E. Corry, President, Equal Justice Foundation, scientist (listed among the 200 most famous earth scientists in history)
Dr. Edwin Vieira, Esq., constitutional scholar, author, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Jurisprudence and Constitutional Law, The Inter-American Institute
Mike McManus, President, Marriage Savers
Dr. Herb Titus, constitutional scholar, author, former Provost, former Dean of Law and Public Policy, Regent University
Prof. Olavo de Carvalho (Brazil and U.S.), President, Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government and Social Thought
Kerry Morgan, Esq., constitutional attorney, former Attorney Adviser, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights
Linda Harvey, President, Mission America
Stephen M. Crampton, Esq., Vice President for Legal Affairs and General Counsel, Liberty Counsel
David Usher, President, Center for Marriage Policy
Steven D. Curtis, former Chairman, Republican Party of Colorado, former V.P. American Right To Life, Founder, Life
Dr. Ahmed ElTassa, (Brazil) Philosopher, Distinguished Senior Fellow, the Inter-American Institute
Dr. Randy Brinson, President, Redeem the Vote
Peter LaBarbera. President, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (
Prof. Mina Seinfeld de Carakushansky, (Brazil) President of Brazilian Humanitarians in Action
Suzanne Venker, author: The War on Men, The Flipside of Feminism,7 Myths of Working Mothers, TV guest commentator,
Jeffrey R. Nyquist, columnist, Fellow, Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government and Social Thought
Michael Heath, veteran pro-family leader,Former President, Maine Civic League, Currently Director, Helping Hands Ministry
Prof. Túlio Alcântara Valente, (Brazil) psychologist, professor, military officer (Captain, Brazilian Army)
Prof. Reginaldo Fanchin, (Brazil) former professor of constitutional law, attorney,
Prof. Bryce Christensen, Ph.D. Southern Utah University
Col. Alfonso Plazas Vega (Ret.) (Colombia) Professor of History, Senior Fellow in Political and Human Rights Leadership, Inter-American Institute
Jim Clymer, Esq., former Chairman, Constitution Party National Committee, Attorney
E. Ray Moore, Chaplain, (Lt. Col.) USAR Ret. President, Frontline Ministries & Exodus Mandate, Ex. Producer, IndoctriNation film
Diane Gramley, President, American Family Association of Pennsylvania
Dr. Gregory Thompson, Founder. America Asleep kNOw More, Fellowship and Association of Christian Teachers, State Director, Exodus Mandate. Author: “Forbidden Secrets”, “Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy” and “Where Are Our Shepherds?”
Cristiano Lúcio de Souza, (Portugal and Canada) writer, Academy of Letters and Arts of Portugal
Roger Aun. (Brazil) attorney
Dr. Luiz Campassi Jr., Federal Council of Medicine of Brazil and Catholic University of São, Paulo Faculty of Medicine
Deisson Cassiano Diedrich, (Brazil) President, Mechanical Engineering Academic Center, West Parana State University
Amy Contrada, author, Associate Fellow in the Study of Propaganda and Cultural Revolution, Inter-American Institute
John Benko, radio host, Deeper Truth program,
Brian Carney, Esq.national litigation consultant, attorney
Ray Neary, M Ed, M.A. Director, Pro-Life Massachusetts
Tom Blumer, columnist,,, proprietor
John Haskins, Fellow for the Public Understanding of Law, Propaganda and Cultural Revolution, Inter-American Institute
Donald Hartly, co-host Deeper Truth Radio
Julio Severo, (Latin America) Pro-family, parent’s rights, pro-life leader/activist/writer in Latin America (
Greg Sabine, pro-family activist (representative, National Parents Organization)
John Wahl, political campaign consultant, former Media Director, Judge Roy Moore for Governor campaign
Rev. Bruce D. Curtis, MA, M.Div. (former radio host, Truth and Freedom)
Rev. Michael Carl, pastor and journalist
Rev. Dr. David M. Berman, pastor, author and public speaker


(For background see International Press Release here).

Read Prof. Baskerville’s lecture Politicizing Potiphar’s Wife: The New Ideology

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