Jeffrey Nyquist’s Commentary Page

xnyquistJeffrey Nyquist is the President of the Strategic Crisis Center and Distinguished Senior Fellow in Political Science at the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, and Social Thought.

He is a political analyst and writer concerned with the threat of global totalitarian dominance and the decline of the West. Nyquist specializes in the “sociology of knowledge with regard to mass destruction warfare.”

In 1998 Nyquist published a book with the title Origins of the Fourth World War. The book was based on his research notes, gathered from 1987-98. In 1999 Nyquist began writing on the renewed threat from Russia and the growing threat from China. He has written over 750 articles and columns since 1999 for Internet newspapers and magazines such as,,, and He co-hosted a radio news program from 1999-2000, and continues to produce broadcasts for radio and the Internet.