John Haskins

Senior Fellow for the Public Understanding of Law, Propaganda and Cultural Revolution

18John Haskins writes and is interviewed about society, politics, education, religion, parents’ rights and the sabotage of constitutional government by both the left and the self-styled “right.” He is regarded by respected experts in constitutional law, political philosophy and political history as having articulated in a provocative and original manner fundamental and widely overlooked insights into the underlying reasons for the impotence (in the wealthy Western World) of institutional, mass market “Christianity” and so-called “conservatism” (a term which he sees as pejorative for it’s defensive, reactionary and (in practice) fatally materialistic values and aims.

One of his themes is the intellectually, politically and spiritually “effeminizing effects” of consumerism and “bourgeois” careerism upon Western Man and Judeo-Christian Man as a potentially decisive threat to liberty and human civilization in any form tolerable to a large plurality of any society.

Mr. Haskins has lived in Europe and travelled extensively, interviewing such notables as former Polish president and Nobel Prize laureate Lech Walesa, and Tadeusz Mazowiecki (first post-communist prime minister of Poland), and reported from Albanian refugee camps during the Balkan War and from Poland on the tenth anniversary of the collapse of communism. With this international experience and several decades of study of international affairs, he is considered a creative and strategic thinker active in efforts to build strategic international relationships among those who oppose the ever-mutating forms of dictatorship by the left in all its guises and their consolidation in the process of “globalization” including so-called “international law” and “global governance” (both of which he believes are oxymorons).

As a non-lawyer whose understanding of certain fundamental principles of law is acknowledged to be deeper and more sound than that of most law professors, he is frequently consulted by lawyers and has informally advised several gubernatorial, United States senatorial and presidential candidates and a sitting congressman on specific areas of constitutional law, especially on the vital and poorly understood obligation of legislative and executive branch to reject all unconstitutional edicts issued by judges, including the state and federal supreme courts, and the obligation of state governments to decisively reject all unconstitutional and illegal power-grabbing by the federal government.

Mr. Haskins has published in the American Spectator, Insight and World magazines, on WorldNetDaily and other outlets and either ghost-written or co-authored articles with well known “conservative” political figures. Since 2000 he’s been a commentator and a strategic analyst on defending constitutionalism, parents’ rights, religious freedom and freedom of speech against obliteration of constitutional boundaries by Democrat and Republican politicians, judges, bureaucrats and media.

He earned post-graduate degrees in both Mass Media and Governance of Education, the latter at Oxford University. Having successfully completed all academic work, examinations and dissertation at Oxford, he formally protested at the highest level at Oxford University the political correctness and intellectual fraud he encountered in his and several other departments, and has so far chosen not to graduate formally. He taught at the university level in Europe and worked in Europe and the United States in television and journalism as a writer, editor and publishing executive.