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Inter-American Economic Council Selects Ambassador Peter Romero to Receive "Excellence in Leadership Award"

Washington, DC - December 4, 2002 - Ambassador Christopher Thomas, Chairman of the Inter-American Economic Council, announces the selection of Ambassador Peter F. Romero, former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs as the first recipient of the Council's "Excellence in Leadership Award". The Award is presented to an individual who the Council feels has done the most to promote public/private sector cooperation for business and economic development in the Countries of the Western Hemisphere. In announcing his selection Ambassador Thomas, stated " Peter Romero's career symbolizes a steadfast commitment to democracy, trade liberalization, and better relations amongst the countries of the Hemisphere". "His experience in both the Public and Private sectors is illustrative of the Council's goal of bridging the gap between the two for the advancement of growth and development in the Countries of the Hemisphere."

The Award will be presented on January 23, 2002 during the Council's Winter Gala to be held in the Hall of the Americas at the Organization of American States. As of today, confirmed Gala Patrons include Ambassador Lionel Hurst of Antigua and Barbuda, Ambassador Michael Kergin of Canada, Ambassador Luis Alberto Moreno of Colombia, Ambassador Ivonne A-Baki of Ecuador and Ambassador Guillermo Ford of Panama. Ambassador A-Baki is also Chair of the Gala Host Committee. In addition, the host committee includes representation of the following Embassies: Mrs. Maria Marcella Sanchez Bremer [Embassy of Mexico] and Mrs. Maria Ignez Correa Barbosa [Embassy of Brazil]. The event will be held under the Patronage of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Inter-American Economic Council Provides Senior Government Officials, Leading Business Executives and Academic Professionals a forum to discuss critical issues affecting Latin America and the Caribbean by engaging the public and private sectors in meaningful dialogs and by launching initiatives to address significant economic issues. The Council has entered into a Cooperative Agreement with the Organization of American States [OAS] and is accredited to the OAS.

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Inter-American Economic Council Selects Ambassador Peter Romero to Receive "Excellence in Leadership Award"