Shutting Off The Gas

The way political commentary in Brazil delights in trivia, leaving aside the essentials, obliges anyone who understands the gravity of the phenomenon to alert the public that what is being sold today as journalism is in fact a new and different product, with the opposite finality of what was being consumed a generation ago under that name.

The Portuguese word for news, “noticia,” comes from the word “notar,” which means to grasp, apprehend or perceive. When the news you receive from various channels arrives with a uniform content and in an absolutely identical tone, it is clear that it is not expressing human perception, which is varied and individualized by nature and devoid of engineering work, i.e., a template pre-set on the facts, not to reflect them but to substitute them.

The case of the Oslo terror attacks is a prime example from this standpoint. Flagrantly erroneous information was disseminated throughout the world in a matter of minutes, in a tone suggesting universally recognized certainties, at a rate such that its contradictions became apparent only to a few, one here, another there, without the force required to reject the homogeneous mass of falsehoods which, like the lethal bubble in the famous movie, had already engulfed whole multitudes.

As I have said before, terrorist attacks are never an end in themselves. They are always inserted in some general strategy which, by bloodless political or propaganda means, prepare for the attacks and reap (or produce) their results. The physical destruction must be preceded and followed by moral demolition efforts or political blackmail which transform the mere carnage into a specific political advantage. To give but 2 classic examples, September 11 was based on a whole decade of growing anti-American propaganda and immediately managed to invert the initial impression of horror at the terrorism, transforming it into a global wave of hate against the US (see:; in Spain, less than 24 hours after the 2004 attack, a huge popular protest was already in the streets, not against the terrorists but against … the conservative government of Prime Minister Aznar (Portuguese-language site: But we needn’t go that far from home. In Brazil, between 1964 and 1988, every bomb, every arms robbery and every kidnapping was followed by intense propaganda based on the slogan that the blame for these crimes lay not with their perpetrators but with the government that fought them. The legend of “young idealists in the struggle against tyranny” bore its fruit with the massive comeback of the communists to the country and their unstoppable rise to power (Portuguese language site: I cite my previous articles to emphasize the continuity of the analyses I have been making, chapters added to many years of study on the phenomenon of the revolutionary mentality.

Now in the Norwegian case, the only propaganda campaign observed was aimed against the terrorist himself, but associated with the obvious scapegoats, Zionists and conservative Christians. The golden rule in the analysis of terrorist attacks is: Find out whom the campaign being observed is targeting and you will see that the responsibility for the crime lies in the opposite direction.

Anders Behring Breivik himself gave us a valuable clue when he said in his “Manifesto” that he was not a Christian but just a Darwinist convinced that Western Christian civilization is more highly evolved than others. This not only refuted the official version of the “mainstream media” but unequivocally aligned Breivik with the ideological pattern of the materialist, evolutionist French Nouvelle Droite (New Right) headed by Alain Benoist. This is another thing that the enlightened political commentators aren’t aware of, or for that matter, that the Nouvelle Droite is a staunch ally… of “Project Eurasia,” brainchild of Alexander Dugin and Vladimir Putin!

Based on this information, I announced on my program True Outspeak of July 27, 2011, that we would soon see, behind all these perverse attempts to smear Zionists and Christians, the truth bearing a label with three letters: K, G and B, or in their new version, modified for the nth time, F, S and B[1].

No more than 48 hours later, on Friday July 29, I received from my Romanian friend Anca Cernea this news report from the Russian agency RiaNovosti: Breivik had been in Belarus several times, receiving terrorist training from the local section of the FSB ( Actually, while there, he also had contact with a “rightwing extremist,” Viacheslav Datsik, but Datsik, jailed in Norway for arms smuggling, has just confessed to working for the FSB.

To clarify still more, Breivik states in the “Manifesto” ( that the ideal target for his struggle would be to substitute the European political structure, which he calls “dysfunctional,” with a model of authoritarian democracy “similar to that of Russia” (sic). And, on top of that, he praises Vladimir Putin to high heaven.

To round out the picture, Russian interest in destabilizing the Norwegian government is as plain as the nose on your face: Norway is Russia’s only competitor in the supply of natural gas to the European continent – that is, the only obstacle standing in the way of Vladimir Putin’s dream of one day bringing Europe to its knees simply by threatening to shut off the gas.

[1] Russian Federal Security Service, replacement of the KGB

Olavo de Carvalho is the President of The Inter-American Institute and Distinguished Senior Fellow in Philosophy, Political Science, and the Humanities.

The opinions published here are those of the writer and are not necessarily endorsed by the Institute. This article was originally published in the newspaper Jornal do Brasil on August 26, 2011, and translated from the Portuguese by Donald Hank.

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