Steve Baldwin’s Commentary Page

16Steve Baldwin is Senior Fellow in Practical Political Leadership at the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, and Social Thought and a veteran leader at every level from local grassroots political organization to national networking among the most prominent political leaders, as well as an author, pundit and political consultant. As Executive Director of the Council for National Policy (2001-2009) he worked with many of America’s leading conservative figures and interacted with the national media. Elected to the California Assembly (1994-2000) he was quickly appointed Chairman of the Education Committee, the youngest in California history, and rose to become Minority Whip of the California Assembly. He is the author of The Revolution Lobby (1985), about how the American left collaborated with the Soviet Union to manipulate public opinion during the Cold War years, and From Crayons to Condoms (2009), a strong and telling critique of America’s public school system, which reached #1 in the “political books” category on